The magic of co-marketing: A message from the CEO

March 2021

This month, I would like to focus on the value that you will receive - when partnering with Networks Unlimited - in marketing our product solutions to your customers.

So as a starting point, let us look at how Networks Unlimited can assist you, our channel partners, to become even more effective at driving pipeline for your products or solutions.

In my opinion, the answer, in our strongly tech world, lies in the power of people.

A recent article by Forbes magazine noted that, as a channel partner with (most likely) between 10 and 20 vendor relationships, you will be aware of the need to juggle your commitment to each vendor, as well as their share-of-wallet demands. Each of the vendors that you liaise with will most likely have its own partner portal and co-marketing automation platform. And so this brings in the complexity of needing to log in to multiple platforms for each of the vendors you represent – while constantly juggling the need to actually run your business and serve your customers.

At the same time, from the vendor’s perspective, they may have invested a significant portion of their budget on platform technology, only to be faced with a poor adoption of partner co-marketing programmes because of the partners’ innate time constraints. And so, while marketing software platforms are necessary, and can indeed be a real value-add, it is nonetheless a fact that the software on its own will not do much.

Long story short: business marketing still needs people to drive the necessary processes.

As a value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited is here to steer these marketing processes with our partners. I have said it before and will say it again here: our partner-first engagement model lies at the very core of our business. We are here to help you position your products’ solutions and their unique offerings, and this includes assisting you with your marketing.

And so this brings us to the idea of the partner ‘marketing concierge’ as the enabler for co-marketing. The industry has been adopting this concept and making it a global best practice.

The partner marketing concierge is a partner-facing, vendor-sponsored, expert digital marketing consultant. These entities act as guides to plan co-marketing strategies, and will support campaign execution to ensure that return on investment is realised for the benefit of both partners and vendors.

Here at Networks Unlimited, we are very familiar with this concept and have long realised the value of having access to marketing employees and partners. In short, we are well used to offering our own marketing services on behalf of our partners.

And so why not embrace a win-win situation and look towards the further generation of return on investment? According to Forbes, it is a proven strategy!

Talk to us about getting your company’s name into the media. We are ready and willing to help get your marketing message out there.

Warm regards

Anton Jacobsz

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