Counterbalancing the negative forces with positive energy and input: a message from the CEO

January 2021

here are many ways in which 2021 has had an indisputably turbulent start. The Covid-19 virus continues to rage around the world as well as here at home; Donald Trump, leader of the world’s largest economy, did not wish to leave the American presidential office quietly; and in South Africa, those who subscribe to conspiracy theories have set alight a number of 5G towers in Limpopo.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has pointed out that in addition to the current global health pandemic, we are also in the grip of an ‘infodemic’ – a time when vast quantities of data are muddled by falsehoods, sometimes to devastating effects. This input offers an explanation for the recent local arson attacks on the 5G towers in Limpopo: it seems that social media posts had falsely reported that the technology played a role in causing Covid-19, after which some people became both afraid enough, and enraged enough, to take this misguided action.

Here at Networks Unlimited, we are always ready, willing and able to help you with all of your business needs in the IT arena. We work in the currencies of transparency and best practice, to the greater good of all in our partnership relationships. And so, as partners, let’s discuss some of 2021’s most pressing business risk issues, as outlined by specialist global risk consultancy, Control Risks, in a recent IT Online article.

According to Control Risks, the top five business risks in 2021 are:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic (unsurprisingly, of course);
  • Emerging digital threats;
  • Climate change;
  • US-China relations; and
  • The danger of missing the rebound in a year of multi-speed recovery.

While we can’t turn the tides on the pandemic, climate change or US-China relations, here at Networks Unlimited we are certainly in the business of being able to assist with emerging digital threats and the risk to your business and, in so doing, also help you in your quest for business recovery.

We have all been tasked this past year with achieving more with fewer resources, having to enable remote work, and accelerating cloud adoption – amongst other challenges relating to security and compliance concerns. And if you are reading this newsletter, it means that you are still here.

So let’s keep positive and moving forward. We’re in this together.

Warm regards

Anton Jacobsz

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