Turning 26 and still thriving during this difficult year: a message from the CEO

November 2020

Networks Unlimited is proudly turning 26 years old this month – November 2020!

As I noted last year, our 25th anniversary provided an important opportunity to celebrate not only where we were at the time as a business, but also how we had reached this impressive milestone.

Networks Unlimited was founded in 1994 by Craig Copeland and Wayne Bird, who still remain involved today at director level. I myself joined the company in 2013. During our 25-year celebration last year, I was proud to note that, over and above our headquarters in Centurion, we also have regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Kenya and Mauritius, as well as representatives in the SADC, central African and west African regions.

As a leading value-added distributor, our offering is centred around the premise that we undertake to deliver products and solutions that are affordable, better than the competition, and with faster service delivery to our partners and end-users within the converged technology, data centre, networking, and security landscapes. Bringing IT functionality to Africa according to this foundational principle is an important part of our strategy and planning.

We are proud to report that, during the initial phase of the hard lockdown period, we were nonetheless still operating. As the lockdown conditions continued to ease, level by level, we took pains to continue improving our operations further within the constraints that the pandemic has brought.

We are proud to be part of a strong channel partnership that brings necessary IT functionality to this pandemic-era global reality.

As I write this, there is positive news breaking on the vaccine front, but even so the realities of remote working are here to stay, bringing with them the reality of strong networking and cybersecurity necessities.

This is where we come in, of course – all of us. Together we are stronger.

I look forward to welcoming 2021 in the not too far-off future and continuing to move forward with you, our partners, towards the next positive business milestone.

Warm regards

Anton Jacobsz

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