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    Fast connectivity to the home using

    ProLabs XGS GPON Technology

With a great part of the world moving to work remotely in innumerable enterprises and organizations, the interest for dependable high-speed internet services has rised rapidly. Bottlenecks in data transfer capacity and speeds have sent many internet providers scrambling to overhaul their network infrastructure to meet the unexpected flood in service utilization.

Find out how ProLabs' XGS PON OLT transceivers and ONUs are the answer for alleviating your data transfer capacity bottlenecks and bypassing long OEM lead time.

Upgrading fiber-to-the-home services on short notice can be painful, especially in price and installation hassles.

Our XGS PON solutions alleviate your upgrade woes with…

  • Budget friendly price point at a fraction of OEM options without sacrificing quality or features.
  • Lightning fast shipping and delivery sooner than OEM alternatives.
  • The expert support of our global network of field engineers with every item we ship.
  • The incredible reliability that you’ve come to expect from ProLabs.
MSA and TAA Compliant 10GBase-N1 SFP+ ONU Transceiver
MSA and TAA Compliant 10GBase-N1 XFP OLT Transceiver
MSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N1/B+ SFP+ OLT Transceiver
MSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N2/C+ SFP+ OLT Transceiver
MSA and TAA Compliant 1G/10GBase-N1/B+ SFP+ OLT Transceiver

Meeting or exceeding OEM standards in a third-party priced package, our XGS PON optics…

  • Reliably deliver the speeds and bandwidth your users are demanding.
  • Utilizes a transmission of a signal at 1577nm downstream and receives at 1270nm.
  • Supports bidirectional 10G speeds with a passive in-field split over a single fiber.
  • Connects your service to up to 128 premises with ONT devices (legacy GPON caps at 32).
  • Easily integrates with legacy GPON infrastructure.
Supporting configurations with OEM optics including Adtran, Nokia, and more, ProLabs’ new XGS-PON OLT & ONU transceivers are the third-party solution you need to upgrade your network’s passive distribution capabilities. Don’t wait for OEM lead times when your consumers need it sooner.

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