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    The Ultimate Cybersecurity Guide for the IT Professional

This guide is an introduction to the world of cybersecurity—it’s history, language and resources—so you can further educate yourself on this rapidly evolving area of IT. With over 150 sourced references, this guide is sure to get you connected with both knowledge and the cybersecurity community.

Whether you are a seasoned security professional looking for the latest resources or an IT professional looking to learn more about the field of cybersecurity, you’ll find plenty of great information to utilize in your day-to-day.

Download the Guide to Get:

  1. A historical timeline of the evolution of both Attacks and Defense.
  2. Descriptions of the types of Actors and Threats commonly encountered.
  3. Definitions of the key cybersecurity terms to know.
  4. Key thought leaders to follow on Twitter.
  5. The best blogs to use to keep up on this fast moving space.
  6. Important events to attend.
  7. The best books and movies to educate and entertain.
  8. Communities where you can get connected.

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