DDoS Attacks Hit Hard in September

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The National Counterintelligence and Security Center and the National Insider Threat Task Force have deemed September to be “National Insider Threat Awareness Month”. Apparently, DDoS attackers have not gotten the message.

For two decades, NETSCOUT has tracked how DDoS attacks have been used a form of online protest. “Hacktivism” has been enabled by the development of free online tools that enable anyone with a grievance or issue to easily launch an attack. Beyond do-it-yourself tools, we’ve also tracked the emergence of booter/stresser services that actually sell DDoS attack services, as any SAAS provider would. They offer different levels of capabilities and support, sophistication, and size. In some cases, you can even try before you buy. This combination of do-it-yourself tools and cheap for-hire attack services have driven the explosion in DDoS attack frequency.

NETSCOUT’s 14th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) once again found that political motivations were a driving force behind DDoS attacks:

“In 2018, 60 percent of service providers witnessed attacks traversing their networks that were targeting governments, up from 37 percent last year. As political instability increases around the world, expect DDoS to continue to be used as a form of protest.”

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