Networking as simple as the Nutanix Enterprise cloud

The complete network starter kit from Mellanox provides all the essentials to connect a
single Nutanix rack of up to 48 nodes in minutes at up to 80% cost savings vs. the competition.
Mellanox is the only vendor selling end-to-end Ethernet connectivity solutions: adapters, switches, cables, software, and support.

Mellanox offers an Ethernet network solution for Nutanix that is:


with Nutanix

Fast to

Easy to


The kit has everything needed to connect a Nutanix cluster in a rack including two ToR switches, cabling between them, and network orchestration software providing a redundant solution with only using 1U of rack space. Tight integration with Nutanix AHV provides network configuration that is fast to deploy and easy to manage.
Included in the kit:
  • Two Top of Rack Switches
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • NEO™ Network Orchestration Software
  • 3-Year Silver Support
  • Passive Copper Cables
With the choice of two Ethernet switch models, the starter kit is customizable to fit the needs of your datacenter.
Simply choose the switch, and the rest of the kit will come with everything needed to get Nutanix connected in minutes!


Perfect for rack with 2-18 nodes
Server/Storage Ports:
  • 18 x 10/25GbE
Dedicated Uplink Ports:
  • 4 x 40/100GbE


Perfect for high density racks
Server/Storage/Uplink Ports:
  • 16 x 10/25/40/50/100GbE
  • Scales up to 64 x 10/25GbE with breakout cables
Nutanix Integration:
  • Fast Network Configuration
  • Automated VLAN provisioning
  • DCI with VXLAN/EVPN for multi clouds
  • Blueprint for Nutanix Calm

Discover how to quickly and cost effectively network a Nutanix rack.

Get more information and a quote by visiting: www.mellanox.com/nutanixkit

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