• Monitoring Campus Network brings new urgent challenges

    Monitoring Campus Network brings new urgent challenges

The scale and complexity of today’s campus networks - integrated routing, switching, with an expectation of consistent high performing Wi-Fi access - combined with the limits of legacy performance monitoring solutions, make blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays inevitable.

SevOne solutions for monitoring enterprise campus networks deliver the operational insight required to deliver highly reliable and cost effective network services and business critical applications

Intuitive dashboard depict both your enterprise Wi-Fi and campus network status historically and in real-time
Proactive identification of Wi-Fi performance affecting behaviors, coverage and capacity
Automated insight into service quality of your wireless and wired infrastructure
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  • Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Guide
  • 2 White Papers
    • 3 questions Network teams shouldn’t have to answer with “i don’t know” You're in Network Operations. The boss is on the phone, asking why the network isn't operating. Do you have the information to confidently give an answer? Or, like so many others in your situation, are you forced to admit you aren't sure? “I don't know” is never an easy thing to say. But the complexity and scale of today's IT infrastructures create blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays that make answers hard to come by.
    • Tool Consolidation: The Hidden Costs of Multiple Performance Monitoring Tools Deploying multiple performance monitoring tools for different parts of your network infrastructure can raise your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). To properly assess TCO, organizations must also look at a wide range of hidden costs, including per module fees, storage, hardware, additional staffing needs, API access, vendor lock-in and many more. This whitepaper exposes those costs and examines a network and infrastructure monitoring alternative whose comprehensive licensing model provides greater cost predictability.

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