Ensure Performance and Availability of VPN
for Remote User Access

NETSCOUT VPN Performance Monitoring

The VPN more crucial to the success of your business today than ever before to ensure productivity of your employees and fast and efficient customer service. Visibility from NETSCOUT will help assure you have the information you need to maintain the performance and availability of this crucial network resource.

Critical areas to address when protecting performance and availability of VPNs for remote users

Assure Application & Network Performance Over VPN

NETSCOUT measures, tracks, and trends traffic activity over the VPN to support troubleshooting, capacity planning, and user experience management activities.

End-User Experience Monitoring

Expectations for remote users accessing corporate resources over VPN are high. NETSCOUT provides a unique combination of passive monitoring and active business transaction testing to assess and address issues impacting user experience.

Protect VPN Availability

Arbor Edge Defense (AED) is NETSCOUT’s industry leading DDoS protection solution. It is a hardware or virtual appliance that resides on premise, in front of firewall or VPN gateway to protect them and application services from volumetric (up to 40Gbps), TCP state exhaustion or application layer attacks.

Assure VPN Performance and Availability for Remote Users

Delays and unavailability are the last things you want your employees around the world having to deal with accessing your business applications. NETSCOUT has solutions to help ensure end user access to corporate resources over the VPN – whether its performance from the end user perspective, network and application performance over the VPN, or a DDoS attack that could block availability of your VPN – NETSCOUT has the right visibility to get to the root of the problem.
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