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As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations are increasingly reliant on cloud-based services and infrastructures. Yet, organizations often end up with a heterogeneous set of technologies in use, with disparate security controls in various cloud environments. Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions provide the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.

Platform Security

As infrastructures diversify new technologies and tools are added to the network, expanding the attack surface. Organizations need a single pane of glass to gain visibility and define consistent security policies throughout the entire infrastructure to effectively manage risk.

SaaS Visibility and Control

FortiCASB-SaaS leverages the Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) Application API to monitor all SaaS activity and configuration of SaaS services. Organizations gain full visibility over the usage of SaaS applications including the spread of malware or potential data leakage.

IaaS Visibility and Control

FortiCWP leverages the public cloud management API to monitor activity and configuration of multiple cloud resources. Additionally, it provides consistent compliance reporting across multi-cloud environments and streamlined incident investigation.

Application Security

The growing number of applications built a variety cloud infrastructures necessitates consistent application security. Advanced application layer security controls offer organizations the confidence to choose cloud platforms based on their business priorities, not security limitations.

Web Application Security

Fortinet offers a variety of web application security solutions that are ideal for cloud-based customers, improving regulatory compliance for relevant applications and API-specific security packages.

Secure Productivity

The Fortinet Security Fabric enables visibility and control that protects email messages from zero-day threats and monitors the Office 365 API layer.

Network Security

Organizations using an array of cloud infrastructures and shifting toward multi-cloud environments require secure network connectivity across different locations to abstract physical boundaries while protecting the confidentiality of communications.

Secure Hybrid Cloud

FortiGate-VM offers a consistent security posture and protects connectivity across public and private clouds, while high-speed VPN connections protect data. Security policies are enforced across all environments and controlled with single pane of glass management.

Cloud Security Services Hub

Organizations gain a centralized, shared, and consistent security enforcement with a cloud security hub that allows secure connection of networks, locations, clouds, and data centers. Splitting security from application development delivers organizational agility without compromising security.

Cloud & Data Center

Virtualized NGFW
FortiGate-VM delivers protection from a broad array of network security threats. It offers the same security and networking services included in the FortiOS 7.0 operating system and is available for public cloud, private cloud, and Telco Cloud (VNFs). With a consistent operational model across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and service provider environments, it reduces the training burden on security teams.
Data Center Firewalls
Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) filter network traffic to protect an organization from internal and external threats. Along with maintaining features of stateful firewalls such as packet filtering, IPsec and SSL VPN support, network monitoring, and IP mapping features, NGFWs possess deeper content inspection capabilities. These capabilities provide the ability to identify attacks, malware, and other threats, and allow the NGFW to block these threats. NGFWs provide organizations with SSL inspection, application control, intrusion prevention, and advanced visibility across the entire attack surface. As the threat landscape rapidly expands due to co-location and multi-cloud adoption, and businesses grow to satisfy escalating customer needs, traditional firewalls fall further behind, unable to offer protection at scale, and leading to poor user experience and weak security posture. NGFWs not only block malware, but also include paths for future updates, giving them the flexibility to evolve with the threat landscape and keep the network secure as new threats arise. Next-generation firewalls are a vital component of implementing network security.
Cloud Workload Protection
Organizations are embracing multiple public cloud platforms, resulting in increased complexity of management which impacts security and risk. Additionally, the built-in security tools that come with various cloud platforms are unique to each, compounding the challenge of consistently managing risk across all clouds in a multi-cloud world. This challenge renders security operations time consuming and ineffective. As the attack surface expands, organizations need to protect from not only from risks of configuration and management of the application elements themselves, but also from risks originating via cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) and UIs.

FortiCWP offers security administrators and DevOps teams the ability to evaluate their cloud configuration security posture, detect potential threats originating from misconfiguration of cloud resources, analyze traffic across cloud resources (in and out of the cloud), and evaluate cloud configuration against best practices. It enables the ability to manage risk throughout multi-cloud infrastructures, provides regulatory compliance reporting, and integrates remediation into the cloud infrastructure lifecycle automation framework.
Application Delivery
FortiADC enhances the scalability, performance, and security of your applications whether they are hosted on premises or in the cloud. FortiADC is an advanced application delivery controller that optimizes application performance and availability while securing the application both with its own native security tools and by integrating application delivery into the Fortinet Security Fabric. FortiADC provides unmatched application acceleration, load balancing, and web security, regardless of whether it is used for applications within a single data center or serves multiple applications for millions of users around the globe. FortiADC includes application acceleration, WAF, IPS, SSLi, link load balancing, and user authentication in one solution to deliver availability, performance, and security in a single, all-inclusive license.

FortiGSLB Cloud is a DNS-based service that helps ensure business continuity by keeping an application online and available when a local area experiences unexpected traffic spikes or network downtime. FortiGSLB enables organizations to deploy redundant resources around the globe to maintain the availability of mission-critical applications.

FortiADC is available as a high-performance hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance, or on-demand through cloud marketplaces in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.
Managed IPS Rules
Enterprises are speeding digital transformation, making the cloud’s role in delivery of services more important than ever. Securing virtual private cloud networks and application workloads is critical, and must not add to a security team’s operational burden.

Fortinet Managed IPS Rules enhances the baseline protection offered by AWS Network Firewall. It reduces the learning curve and delivers network security that is effective, available, and scalable—while keeping management simple.

Application Security

Web Application Security
FortiWeb, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall, protects your business-critical web applications from attacks that target known and unknown vulnerabilities.

The attack surface of your web applications evolves rapidly, changing every time you deploy new features, update existing ones, or expose new web APIs. You need a solution that can keep up. FortiWeb is that solution. web application firewall video

View our on-demand webinar Evolve Your Approach to Securely Deploying Web Applications to learn more FortiWeb’s innovative approach to securing your web applications, including our new SaaS offering: FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service.
Secure Email Getaway
Email remains the most critical communications tool for business. Unfortunately, that also makes email the top threat vector, with the volume and sophistication of attacks ever-increasing. At the same time, customers are increasingly moving to cloud email providers, like Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite, and are struggling to secure their email traffic. The built-in, native security tools available in these platforms are by themselves insufficient to guard against attacks, protect valuable data, and ensure compliance objectives are met.
Phishing Simulation
Email remains a primary threat vector. A recent report shows that 22% of breaches were caused by social actions or actions where the intent was to play on user or employee behavior. 96% of these social actions were delivered via email with 90% of those being classified as phishing. Even more concerning, 62% of what threat actors obtained through their successful phishing efforts were login credentials. Can your employees recognize a phishing email when they see one?
Cloud Access Security Broker
Organizations are increasingly adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for the agility and savings they offer, but find that they don't provide the required visibility and control. FortiCASB is a cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) subscription service that is designed to provide visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection for cloud-based services being used by an organization.
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