Ransomware Recovery Warranty

Rubrik offers $5M ransomware recovery warranty for Rubrik Enterprise Edition, delivering the ultimate peace of mind.
With the rapid growth of ransomware attacks, enterprises all share the same concern: “If we get hit by ransomware, can we recover?” In an industry-first, Rubrik, The Zero Trust Data Security™ company, announces a Ransomware Recovery Warranty of up to $5M* for Rubrik Enterprise Edition.

How It Works

This warranty will be available for customers running Rubrik’s Enterprise Edition and working with a Rubrik Customer Experience Manager (CEM) to ensure security best practices are in place. The warranty will cover expenses related to data recovery and restoration in the event that Rubrik is unable to recover protected data in the event of a ransomware attack. By partnering together we will reach the highest standards of data security excellence.

Industry Data Security Best Practices

Implementing these industry data security best practices keeps your data protected and your business operational. Our regular security health checks provide holistic visibility into your data security posture.

Optimal Data Health

Secure User Access

End-to-End Data Encryption

Restricted Application Access

Hardened API Security

Why Rubrik Enterprise Edition?

With Rubrik Enterprise Edition, you can now turn major attacks into recoverable events. Your organization can take advantage of Zero Trust data protection, Ransomware Investigation, Sensitive Data Discovery, Incident Containment and Orchestrated Application Recovery on a single SaaS platform.
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