Cybercrime: Exploiting a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created a seismic shift in how we work and live and added rocket fuel to the growth in DDoS attacks.

During the shutdown, the world was hit by the single largest number of monthly attacks we’ve ever seen—929,000 DDoS attacks in May alone. As seen by our Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS®), NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence observed 4.83 million DDoS attacks in the first half of 2020, up 15 percent from 2019. Even more telling, DDoS attack frequency jumped 25 percent during the pandemic lockdown months of March through June.

Attackers targeted COVID-era lifelines such as ecommerce, healthcare and educational services with complex, high-throughput attacks designed to quickly overwhelm and take down targeted entities with short, burst attacks. Unsurprisingly, as schools closed and online usage increased, we also saw a surge in attacks on broadband networks,which translates largely to online gaming.

Key Findings
  • Pandemic Profiteers we all pay for.
  • The Hidden Impact of DDoS Traffic
  • Complex Multivector Attacks on the Rise
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