Unsung emergency scene heroes: Uplogix is Day Zero network first responder

JOHANNESBURG – November 03, 2020 – From cyberbullying, online dating and virtual reality games now being a growing part of people’s everyday lives, to network security breaches and viruses being the stuff of bad dreams for cybersecurity managers, we’re all aware of ways in which the cyberworld is part of the real world. So it’s not surprising that we have cyber first responders also.

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It CAN happen to you: how SMEs should protect themselves from cybersecurity attacks

JOHANNESBURG – October 28, 2020: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are widely acknowledged as playing a critical role in South Africa’s economy, and yet they are also potentially more at risk in terms of their ongoing survival than larger enterprises. According to a recent McKinsey report, SMEs in South Africa employ between 50 and 60 percent of the country’s workforce across all sectors. At the same time, SMEs arguably face a number of challenges, which can potentially weigh on them more heavily than on larger enterprises.

These particular areas of concern include attracting customers; maintaining profitability; increasing  revenue; facing greater uncertainty during economic down-turns, and securing financing for expansion.

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