In the eye of the storm: new record is set by ten million DDoS attacks in one year

Networks Unlimited & NETSCOUT

JOHANNESBURG – March 03, 2021 – Not all record-breaking numbers are feats or achievements towards which we all aspire. For example, in 2006, American teenager Matt Suter was destined to become the holder of the record for the ‘farthest distance thrown by a tornado and survived’[1], when he was flung, in an unconscious state, for a distance of almost 400 metres (398.37 metres) by an F2 tornado (meaning wind speeds of 181 to 253 kilometres per hour), yet later regained consciousness almost without a scratch.

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ProLabs and the ‘new 5G backhaul economy’

Networks Unlimited Prolabs General Manager - Marcel Fouché

JOHANNESBURG – February 10, 2021– As we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finding that economic and social survival is tied to the ability to work and play at a distance. If ever there was a time for a revolutionary new internet technology to take hold, now would seem to be that time.

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Backup the physical servers on your network with free Altaro software

Networks Unlimited ESM General Manager: Risna Steenkamp

JOHANNESBURG – February 17, 2021 –  Companies and organisations with virtualised server environments often have physical machines too, and these also need data protection. Altaro has reacted to this need with the introduction of Altaro Physical Server Backup, a server backup software solution -  with the added bonus that it's free.

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Unsung emergency scene heroes: Uplogix is Day Zero network first responder

Network Unlimited Uplogix First Responder eBook

JOHANNESBURG – January 26, 2021 – From cyberbullying, online dating and virtual reality games now being a growing part of people’s everyday lives, to network security breaches and viruses being the stuff of bad dreams for cybersecurity managers, we’re all aware of ways in which the cyberworld is part of the real world. So it’s not surprising that we have cyber first responders also.

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