Networks Unlimited helps education establishments to create a safe e-learning environment

 Networks Unlimited, South Africa's leading value-added distributor, along with CensorNet and Onsite-IT recently took to the road with its roadshow on how to create a safe e-learning environment.

Hosted in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, the event covered topics such as bullying and racism, including how to combat the rise of cyber related cases; ways to monitor for exam leakage; and how to monitor teachers'/lecturers' online activity to help prevent any foul play.

The event was well attended, with delegates from both high schools and universities attending to hear the presentation by Mike Hibbert, EMEA director at the UK-based CensorNet.

"Web filters in schools and universities can be easily side-stepped by tech savvy students, yet it is vital that these learners are protected from cyber-bullying, racism, internet pornography, and online and e-mailed malware. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of education establishments to provide a safe learning environment," said Anton Jacobsz, managing director of Networks Unlimited.

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CensorNet is redefining Web security with leading-edge technology designed with the modern educational environment in mind. "With the rise of mobile devices and the challenge that Shadow IT continues to pose, it is alarming that most education institutions do not know which and how many cloud applications their learners are using to do their studies," continued Jacobz.

CensorNet's new Secure Web Gateway (SWG) bridges the gap between traditional Web Security and Cloud Application Control or Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) solutions providing a robust Web security plus the ability to discover and analyse cloud application use in one single solution.

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