New Fortinet mid-range security solution uniquely designed for next-generation edge, internal segmentation firewall applications

FortiGate-600D offers industry's most secure, cost-effective 10G interface and 36Gbps throughput network security appliance to better protect enterprises from cyber threats.

Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited

Anton Jacobsz, MD of Networks Unlimited


Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) – the global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, today announced the launch of its FortiGate-600D enterprise firewall, the industry's most competitive 10Gbps mid-range network security appliance available to protect mid-market and enterprise organisations from advanced cyber attacks.

The new FortiGate-600D delivers five times better performance compared to competitive solutions, and provides the best price/performance in the industry. The solution is designed to provide superior security and performance for two key use cases:

* Deployment as a next-generation firewall (NGFW) at the edge of the network, allowing multiple security applications to be deployed without causing a bottleneck in the network.

* Deployment as an internal segmentation firewall (ISFW), enabling customers to securely separate data stores inside the internal network – where traffic can run 10 to 100 times faster than Internet traffic – without affecting throughput.

This is all made possible through Fortinet's proprietary ASIC architecture, which combines off-the-shelf CPUs and custom developed ASICs, such as the Network Processor 6 (NP6), to accelerate the performance of computationally intensive security functions.

"Bandwidth requirements are continually increasing, especially within internal networks, where most enterprises go unprotected," said John Maddison, vice-president of marketing at Fortinet. "Advanced threats require additional security applications, which further increase the need for network security resources. With our new FortiGate-600D, based on an ASIC architecture, we are making the very best in security and security price/performance available to enterprises of all sizes."

New class of protection, network visibility for greater security effectiveness

On average, network bandwidth requirements double every 18 months. This, combined with the proliferation of more sophisticated cyber threats, means mid-market and enterprise organisations with large branch offices need high-speed network security that also delivers highly effective security to protect their businesses today and help them future-proof for tomorrow.

Fortinet's new FortiGate-600D, along with its recently launched FortiGate-400D and 900D next-generation enterprise firewall appliances, were engineered to deliver the high level of performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third-party certifications, and ensure security does not become a network performance bottleneck. This breakthrough high-speed threat prevention allows organisations to run NSS and ICSA Labs' recommended Fortinet intrusion prevention and application control technologies and VB100 certified anti-malware capabilities for deeper inspection.

Other key features included in the FortiGate-600D include:

* An intuitive management interface that enables rich console views and reports for broad and deep network visibility, scaling from a single FortiGate appliance to thousands.

* The FortiOS network security operating system that allows for superior control over thousands of applications, rich visibility over network traffic, broad security, and ease-of-use.

* High-speed connectivity essential for internal network segmentation. The FortiGate-600D provides 10 GE slots that simplify network designs without relying on additional devices to bridge desired connectivity.

* With 36 Gbps of ISFW/NGFW throughput, the FortiGate-600D can be deployed at high speed as next-generation firewalls at network edges or inside the network as internal segmentation firewalls. FortiGuard Labs threat researchers, engineers and forensic specialists provide real-time threat intelligence around the clock that is delivered via comprehensive security updates across the full range of Fortinet's solutions.


The new FortiGate-600D is available immediately. Please contact an authorised Fortinet channel partner for pricing and details.

For more information about Fortinet's Firewall products, please visit: http://www.fortinet.com/products/fortigate/index.html.

For more information about Fortinet's unique Internal Segmentation Firewall deployment capabilities, see: http://www.fortinet.com/solutions/internal-network-segmentation-firewall.html or http://www.fortinet.com/videos/internal-segmentation-firewall-protect-internal-network.html.

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