Mellanox announces 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand solutions enabling record levels of performance, scalability

Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, has announced the world's first 200Gb/s data centre interconnect solutions.

Mellanox ConnectX-6 adapters, Quantum switches and LinkX cables and transceivers together provide a complete 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand interconnect infrastructure for the next generation of high performance computing, machine learning, big data, cloud, Web 2.0 and storage platforms.

These 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand solutions maintain Mellanox's generation-ahead leadership while enabling customers and users to leverage an open, standards-based technology that maximises application performance and scalability while minimising overall data centre total cost of ownership. Mellanox 200Gb/s HDR solutions will become generally available in 2017.

"The ability to effectively utilise the exponential growth of data and to leverage data insights to gain that competitive advantage in real-time is key for business success, homeland security, technology innovation, new research capabilities and beyond. The network is a critical enabler in today's system designs that will propel the most demanding applications and drive the next life-changing discoveries," says Eyal Waldman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. "Mellanox is proud to announce the new 200Gb/s HDR InfiniBand solutions that will deliver the world's highest data speeds and intelligent interconnect and empower the world of data in which we live. HDR InfiniBand sets a new level of performance and scalability records while delivering the next-generation of interconnect needs to our customers and partners."

"Ten years ago, when Intersect360 Research began its business tracking the HPC market, InfiniBand had just become the predominant high-performance interconnect option for clusters, with Mellanox as the leading provider," continues Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research.

"Over time, InfiniBand continued to grow, and today it is the leading high-performance storage interconnect for HPC systems as well. This is at a time when high data rate applications like analytics and machine learning are expanding rapidly, increasing the need for high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnects into even more markets. HDR InfiniBand is a big leap forward and Mellanox is making it a reality at a great time."

Anton Jacobsz, managing director at authorised Mellanox distributor on the African continent, Networks Unlimited, adds: "We look forward to our African customers having the tools to forge ahead on the disruptive technology curve with the latest innovations in networking solutions."

To complete the end-to-end 200Gb/s InfiniBand infrastructure, Mellanox LinkX solutions will offer a family of 200Gb/s copper and Silicon Photonics fibre cables.

For more information, please contact Chris Coetzee, product manager: Mellanox at Networks Unlimited, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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