Fortinet FortiMail earns 20th consecutive Virus Bulletin Antispam award

Messaging security solution earns comparative VBSpam certification based on high spam catch rate, low false positives, the ability to accept IPv6 e-mail and verify DKIM signatures.

Fortinet FTNT -2.29%, a world leader in high-performance network security, today announced the company's FortiMail messaging security appliance has been awarded its 20th consecutive Virus Bulletin certification in the VBSpam Awards.

Virus Bulletin staff tested FortiMail along with 19 other anti-spam products from multiple countries for spam catch rates, false positive rates, the ability to accept e-mail sent over IPv6 and the ability to verify DomainKeys Identified E-mail (DKIM) signatures. For more information on DKIM signatures, please visit In addition to winning its 20th consecutive award, the report noted that FortiMail had only three false positive out of 144 971 legitimate e-mails.

"Fortinet's FortiMail appliance is capable of accepting e-mail sent over IPv6," said Martijn Grooten, anti-spam test director for Virus Bulletin. "It can also verify DKIM signatures - the results of which can be used to have the appliance take actions such as rate throttling, temporarily failing or rejecting the e-mail."

"We're happy to see Virus Bulletin testing for and validating FortiMail for its ability to accept e-mail over IPv6 and verify DKIM signatures," said Patrick Bedwell, vice-president of product marketing for Fortinet. "The rapid adoption of IPv6 presents some significant network security challenges to organisations. One of which is the native support for IPv6 enabled by default on a wide range of network devices and systems. What this means is that IPv6 is already running in networks, yet legacy firewalls and anti-spam tools cannot inspect IPv6 traffic for malicious traffic because they lack a dual stack implementation supporting both IPv4 and IPv6. They simply forward the IPv6 traffic, enabling hackers to evade detection. Fortinet has been a leader in helping to protect IPv6 networks since 2007, achieving both IPv6-Ready and US Department of Defence JITC certifications in 2008."

The FortiMail family of messaging security solutions delivers proven, powerful messaging security features for any size organisation, from small businesses to carriers, services providers and large enterprises. Purpose-built for the most demanding networks, the FortiMail family utilises Fortinet's years of experience in helping protect high-volume service provider networks against spam, malware and other message-borne threats.

What sets FortiMail apart from competing e-mail appliance manufacturers are its robust performance, deployment options and its malware detection technology, which is updated by the FortiGuard global threat research team 24/7/365. This is the same, award-winning threat detection technology also found in the FortiClient, FortiGate and FortiWeb product lines.

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