Fortinet receives next-generation firewall evaluation from ICSA Labs

Adds to company's long list of ICSA Labs certifications that include Firewall, Anti-Virus, IPSec, Network IPS, SSL-TLS and Web Application Firewall.

Fortinet FTNT -0.30% - a world leader in high-performance network security - today announced that the company's FortiGate-3140B next-generation firewall has completed ICSA Labs' next-generation firewall evaluation.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provide an extended level of access control by monitoring network communications at the application layer. This includes granular application identification and control, user-based authentication, and identification and protection from botnets and sophisticated malware.

"When considering the purchase of a critical network security device like a next-generation firewall, it's essential to evaluate a vendor that's been validated by a globally recognised, independent, third-party testing company, such as ICSA Labs," said Patrick Bedwell, vice-president of products at Fortinet. "Our FortiGate-3140B next-generation firewall completed the NGFW evaluation by ICSA Labs, the first testing organisation to provide a standard way for customers to compare products claiming to offer NGFW protection, and that's important."

Fortinet's FortiGate platform is already certified under ICSA Labs' Network Firewall - Corporate testing programme, which tests a product's fundamental network firewall functionality. The additional next-generation firewall evaluation takes the existing certification to an advanced level of technology verification. ICSA Labs evaluated these essential features and reported the following results:

User-Based Authentication: 100%
User Protection: 97.72%
Malware Protection: 100%
URL Filtering: 91.25%
Blocking via Destination: 100%
Attacks Targeting Applications: 97.37%
Server Protection: 97.22%
False Positives: None

"Fortinet has been submitting its network security products to ICSA Labs for certification for the past 10 years, consistently meeting the high standards set by us, and FortiGate-3140B proved to be no exception," said Brian Monkman, ICSA Labs' Perimeter Security Programmes manager.

ICSA Labs certifications

In addition to ICSA Labs' newest next-generation firewall evaluation, Fortinet also currently holds ICSA Labs certifications for Anti-Virus, IPSec, Network Firewalls, Network IPS, SSL-TLS and Web Application Firewalls.

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