Secure Active Directory and Disrupt Attack Paths

Behind every breach headline is an insecure Active Directory (AD) deployment. AD has become the favored target for attackers to elevate privileges and facilitate lateral movement through leveraging known flaws and misconfigurations.

Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with Active Directory security due to misconfigurations piling up as domains increase in complexity, leaving security teams unable to find and fix flaws before they become business-impacting issues.

Tenable.ad enables you to see everything, predict what matters, and act to address risk in Active Directory to disrupt attack paths before attackers exploit them.

Find and Fix Active Directory Weaknesses Before Attacks Happen

Discover and prioritize weaknesses within your existing Active Directory domains and reduce your exposure by following Tenable.ad’s step-by-step remediation guidance.

Detect and Respond to Active Directory Attacks in Real Time

Detect Active Directory attacks like DCShadow, Brute Force, Password Spraying, DCSync and more. Tenable.ad enriches your SIEM, SOC or SOAR with attack insights so you can quickly respond and stop attacks.

Disrupt Attack Paths

The attack path is a well trodden route through networks for attackers to successfully monetize poor cyber hygiene. By combining Risk-based Vulnerability Management and Active Directory Security, Tenable enables you to disrupt the attack path, ensuring attackers struggle to find a foothold and have no next step if they do.

Secure Active Directory

  • Discover the underlying issues affecting your Active Directory
  • Identify dangerous trust relationships
  • Catch every change in your AD
  • Make the link between AD changes and malicious actions
  • Analyze in-depth details of attacks
  • Explore MITRE ATT&CK descriptions directly from incident details

Continuously Detect and Prevent Active Directory Attacks

No Agents, No Privileges. No Delays
No Agents, No Privileges. No Delays

Prevents and detects sophisticated Active Directory attacks without agents and privileges

Clouds Covered
Clouds Covered

Check the security of Azure Active Directory Domain Services, AWS Directory Service, or Google Managed Service for Active Directory in real time.

Deployed Anywhere
Deployed Anywhere

Prevents and detects sophisticated Active Directory attacks without agents and privileges


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Gain complete visibility, security and control of your OT network.

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See everything. Predict what matters. Managed in the cloud.


Lumin is now available for Tenble.sc.

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