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Public cloud and communication service providers are moving in the direction of web scale data centers and are turning towards disaggregation and server virtualization as key tenets to modernize. While each offer benefits of increased efficiencies, flexibility, and agility they can also impose significant performance penalties by utilizing host CPU cycles for network packet processing. Additionally, in the past multi-vendor disaggregated software and hardware has been cumbersome to deploy, operate and manage. In order to properly modernize data centers with disaggregation and virtualization technologies without compromising the reliability and performance of the underlying hardware, an advanced network infrastructure must be used to support virtualization efficiencies and accelerate network packet processing.

For these reasons choosing the right networking hardware becomes critical to achieving an efficient data path solution. Mellanox IP product portfolio allows you to deliver secure, high-performance OVS offload for your mission critical software defined networks (SDN). Empowering you to boost the efficiency of your Telecom cloud and turbo charge NFV solutions.

Mellanox networking components including switches, network adapters, optical modules and cables provide the foundation for efficient cloud infrastructure through disaggregation and virtualization solutions that mitigate performance penalties associated with compute, network, virtualization and storage. This enables cloud applications to run at the highest performance and efficiency. Mellanox achieves higher cloud efficiency through the following solutions; Open vSwitch Offloads (OVS), OVS over DPDK or ASAP², Network Overlay Virtualization, SR-IOV, and RDMA.

To address the challenges of open networks, Mellanox partners with industry experts like Red Hat, OpenStack and Nuage Networks to bring to market a highly efficient, hardware accelerated and tightly integrated cloud data center solutions. Jointly we provide extremely efficient SDN solutions, which combine agility, elasticity and automation with the performance, reliability and efficiency of Mellanox interconnect. The benefits include:

  • Achieve 10X better performance than vanilla OVS with ASAP² OVS offloads while freeing 100% of CPU cores
  • The best industry throughput and 50% CapEx savings through the use of DPDK
  • Agile, elastic and secure SDN deployment with unconstrained, deterministic cloud network performance (10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gb/s throughput to the server host)
  • Enhanced cloud infrastructure efficiency and higher application workload density resulting from reduced CPU overhead associated with overlay virtual network processing
  • Integrated and tested solution ready for Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and public, private and hybrid cloud deployments
Make NFV Shine with Worlds Fastest DPDK Platform
Turbo Charge NFV with ASAP² Accelerated Virtual Switch

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