Mellanox CloudX™

Mellanox CloudX™ is a group of reference architectures that allows companies to build the most efficient, high performance and scalable clouds based on Mellanox's superior interconnect and off-the-shelf building blocks (servers, storage, interconnect, and software).

It incorporates virtualization with high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect solutions while significantly reducing data center costs, providing the fastest data transfer and most effective hardware utilization.

CloudX™ Benefits

Building an enterprise ready cloud is a complex task and requires appropriate sizing and integration of hardware and software to optimize usability, scalability, performance and cost efficiency. For this reason many attempts to shift to modern cloud architectures fail. The CloudX platform incorporates virtualized compute, scale-out storage, with high-bandwidth and low-latency interconnect. This integration not only significantly reduces the risk of deployment but also maximizes ROI and lowers TCO.

Key Benefits of Integration

Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud:
Building a cloud is a complex task and many businesses fall short on their goals. Meet your business goals with lower CapEx and OpEx using a pre-validated, optimized, predictable and scalable turn-key infrastructure for enterprise-grade applications.

Eliminate Tedious IT management:
Providing seamless integration with leading private cloud orchestration, hypervisor, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and Software-Defined Storage (SDS), the CloudX reference architecture allows setting up and managing your cloud simply and quickly, with zero downtime.

High Performance Reference Architecture:
Powered by Mellanox Efficient Virtual Network (EVN), it provides overlay network virtualization offload, application acceleration using RDMA, and complete End-to-End Ethernet and Infiniband networking for 10/25/40/50/56/100Gb/s. Mellanox EVN delivers highest performance, most cost-effective private cloud for your organization. The CloudX reference architecture enables bare metal performance while maintaining agility of cloud networking provided by SDN technologies from VMware, Nuage, Midokura, and Plumgrid over multiple encapsulation schemes like VxLAN, NVGRE and GENEVE.

Scale-Out to Infinity:
Horizontally scale-out your cloud quickly and easily based on your business needs with predictable performance. The CloudX reference design allows unlimited scalability with scale-out storage solutions like VSAN, ScaleIO, CEPH and Storage Spaces Direct.

Your Choice of Cloud:
Built for leading cloud orchestration platforms – VMware vCloud, Microsoft Windows Azure Pack and OpenStack, choose the private cloud blue-print based on your business needs.

Choose Your Preferred Brand:
CloudX reference architecture is delivered as a complete solution with hardware, software and support through Mellanox qualified partners.

Reference Designs

CloudX reference design is a recipe, based on Mellanox OpenCloud™ architecture, for building an efficient cloud platform using off-the-shelf building blocks: servers, storage, interconnect and cloud management software to form flexible and cost-effective private and public clouds. CloudX supports all major cloud orchestration platforms including VMware vCloud, Microsoft Web Azure Pack and OpenStack. Teamed with industry leading server and storage systems, CloudX enables a truly world class cloud platform.

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