Backhaul Networks

Instantly Prove SLA Compliance

Prove Compliance

  • Gain the ability to instantly prove compliance with customer-specific SLAs.
  • Automatically generate unified SLA tests across multi-vendor and multi-system infrastructures.
  • Preserve high-quality experiences for carriers’ customers by closely monitoring SLA performance with consolidated end-to-end visibility - and rapid response when performance is trending downward.

Increase Transparency

  • Gives wireless carriers and multi-service providers the ability to instantly report on customer-specific SLA performance.
  • Gain the visibility and transparency to see and prove SLA compliance across multi-vendor backhaul infrastructures.
  • Meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Report on SLA performance for each customer quickly, thoroughly and confidently.

Isolate Impact

  • Leverage end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous backhaul infrastructure to quickly isolate and identify performance issues.
  • Alert on and prioritize issues in line with carriers’ requirements and their customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Spot and proactively address SLA performance issues before they become service-impacting events.

Why SevOne for Backhaul Compliance?

Mean Time to Repair
Measure and track average interruption time periods for a defined LATA for multiple time periods as required for an agreed-upon time.
Circuit Availability
Measure the percentage of service availability time for agreed-upon time periods based on minutes of disruption time.
Data Delivery Ratio
Measure the ratio of performance test frames successfully delivered versus those sent.
One-Way Frame Jitter
Measure the millisecond variance in frame delay between two frames as measured at ingress and egress UNIs.
Round Trip Delay
Measures the time in milliseconds between performance tests sent from one UNI to another and back again.

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