Multi-Cloud Data Centers

Full Visibility into Data Center, WAN & Public Cloud Resources

Ease the Transition

  • Simultaneously monitor your traditional, data center-driven network and new Cisco ACI-based software-defined data center infrastructure from the same dashboard.
  • Automatically monitor more than 30 KPIs from your new Cisco ACI infrastructure immediately upon deployment.

Mitigate Risk

  • Ease the transition to popular SD-WAN offerings from Cisco, VMware, Versa, Nuage and Silver Peak.
  • Monitor your traditional MPLS-based WANs and new, SD-WANs - including multi-vendor deployments - simultaneously in a single dashboard.
  • Supports both single and multi-tenant based deployments.

AWS Infrastructure Performance Visibility

  • Gain valuable insights into the performance of your AWS-based resources beyond just operating systems and applications.
  • Benefit from detailed, real-time visibility into a range of infrastructure assets, such as compute, network and storage infrastructure.
  • Leverage the SevOne xStats Adapter with AWS to help customers monitor their infrastructures from the data center to the hybrid cloud.

Why SevOne for Monitoring the Multi-Cloud Datacenter?

Operational Insight
Create unified dashboards that provide unparalleled visibility into on-premise data centers, software-defined networks, SD-WANs and public cloud resources.
Ease the Transition to SD-WANs
Monitor your traditional, MPLS-based WANs and new SD-WAN segments simultaneously from the same dashboard.
Automated SD-WAN Correlation
Easily visualize which traffic was transmitted in which classes and along which paths as assigned by the SD-WAN controller.
SDN Insights
Gain valuable real-time views of the performance of the existing data center network and new Cisco ACI-based infrastructure.
Capable of scaling up to meet the needs of the world’s largest multi-cloud data center deployments.
Modify and combine dashboards to create cross-team workflows customized to meet your specific needs and operational model.

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