Enterprise Branch Office

Establish full visibility into SD-WAN, MPLS & Wi-Fi

Ease the Transition

  • Make the move to next-generation connectivity for branch offices smoother and more manageable.
  • Leverage the latest SD-WAN offerings from Cisco, VMware, Versa, Nuage, Silverpeak and other leading vendors.
  • Monitor existing, MPLS-based WANs and new SD-WANs simultaneously from the same dashboard.
  • Support both single and multi-tenant based deployments.


  • Enable enterprise operations and engineering teams to ensure consistent and high-quality user experiences.
  • Monitor and manage the entire infrastructure in real time.
  • Extend visibility from the wireless device into the wireless infrastructure, as well as through the campus network into the datacenter.

One Dashboard

Ease the monitoring and troubleshooting of your next generation branch offices in one dashboard to:

  • Boost visibility across your entire WAN infrastructure before, during and after transitions.
  • Ensure reliable, high-quality connectivity for your increasingly mobile workforce.
  • Reduce MTTR by lowering the time required to identify what’s happening, where and why it’s happening, and who is being affected.
  • Reduce TCO through tool consolidation.

Why SevOne for Monitoring the Enterprise Branch?

Support Your Growing Mobile Workforce
SevOne Solutions provide complete Wi-Fi infrastructure visibility, enabling operations teams to consistently meet users’ expectations for reliable delivery of network services.
Ease the Transition to SD-WANs
Simultaneously monitor existing,MPLS-based WANs and new SD-WAN operations from a single, unified dashboard.
Automated SD-WAN Correlation
Easily visualize which traffic was transmitted in which classes and on which paths as assigned by the SD-WAN controller.
Wireless Infrastructure & More
Monitor access points and wireless controllers from the enterprise campus network into the corporate data center, and on to the cloud.
Know What’s Normal and What’s Not
Baseline the user experience across your Wi-Fi and corporate networks to enable immediate identification of deviations from normal ranges.
Gain the operational insights you need to deploy “Wi-Fi First” initiatives with confidence, including early warnings of Wi-Fi events that trigger performance-, capacity- and coverage-affecting behaviors.

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