• Lumada

    Co-creation Services

    • Amplify your cross-domain expertise with Hitachi and partners to co-create and tailor innovative solutions for your business
    • Achieve better results through comprehensive services that intelligently balance customization and quick delivery

    Lumada Applications

    • Enhance your operational environment with IoT data and advanced analytics for deeper insights and prescriptive recommendations for what matters for your business
    • Accelerate time to realized business value for your key processes by taking advantage of Hitachi’s industry expertise, integrated into Lumada applications

    Lumada Platform Services

    • Build innovative solutions using Lumada’s intelligent and composable software components for AI, analytics and asset avatars
    • Choose on-premises or cloud deployment to support medium and large-scale industrial IoT and operations intelligence solutions
  • Lumada Video Insights

    Hitachi 3D Lidar Sensor

    • Delivers full visibility of the physical world with real-time, 3D insights that drive efficiency and improve resource use across industries without collecting personal information
    • Offers granular, privacy-protected, real-time insights that inform business operations, safety, manufacturing quality and more to help create smart spaces globally

    Hitachi Video Analytics

    • Get automated alerts for intrusion and object detection, facial recognition and more
    • Advanced technology dramatically improves accuracy and filters out interference

    Hitachi Visualization Suite

    • Provides a unified platform to collect, connect, manage, analyze and distribute data from CAD or 911 systems, license-plate recognition (LPR), gunshot sensors, evidence and more
    • Displays traffic, weather alerts, radar and incident databases and public safety assets in real time with alert data and live video feeds such as road, terrain, satellite or aerial view maps
  • Smart Spaces

    Hitachi Video Management Platform

    • Use converged video data storage and management developed for the needs of public safety and security
    • Highly available, fault-tolerant video is ready whenever officers need it to help keep people safe

    Smart Edge Devices For Video

    • Gather insights from the edge with video intelligence platforms and smart cameras
    • Transform legacy video cameras into intelligent edge devices with Hitachi Edge Gateway for Video

    Smart Spaces

    • Make urban, commercial, and industrial areas smarter with IoT, video, analytics, and machine learning solutions
    • Improve your effectiveness and efficiency, while keeping people and property safe

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