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What is BEYOND out-of-band?

Out-of-band access is managing network infrastructure over an alternate path to the WAN. Using a secondary link to a console or terminal server (typically a cellular modem or POTS line), remote users can access and troubleshoot issues.

Uplogix goes beyond traditional console servers with a proactive, intelligent appliance that delivers:

Automated remediation

Detect, analyze and take initial runbook actions

High security

Uplogix is a closed appliance, meaning the underlying OS is locked down. We work with your TACACS/Radius and have lots of options for secure connections. Oh yeah, we’re also FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified.

More connectivity options

Our modular design lets you use the link that makes the most sense at your site: cellular, POTS lines, fiber, a secondary Ethernet link, even a LEO satellite that offers connectivity anywhere on the planet.

It’s out-of-band the way you want it

Uplogix is the most reliable and secure out-band-access solution on the market today, with more options for linking to your gear over a secondary network path. Uplogix Local Managers deliver the widest array of on-demand WAN alternative network connection options including dial-up, cellular, fiber or satellite modems provides a reliable management connection to remote gear.

There is also a secondary Ethernet connection that can be used for an out-of-band connection such as a DSL modem.

This connection can also route primary traffic using the WAN Traffic Failover feature and a high-bandwith OOB connection like an LTE modem. With the Uplogix rules engine, you can also configure multiple options and use rules to decide which option to use and when.
Uplogix offers more user-configurable options for secure out-of-band links: phone line, cellular, secondary Ethernet network, satellite, fiber…

Secure access on a closed platform

Not all console servers are created the same. In addition to all of its security functionality, Uplogix is a closed appliance. Other console servers are open implementations of Linux which could mean trouble.
Network security is more critical than ever. The security features of the Uplogix platform were initially developed for customers in finance and the military, but many enterprises are finding they need similar functionality. You need to know that your network is locked down inside and out and be able to prove it. With the average cost of a security breach increasing yearly, what business today doesn’t need reliable network security?
Uplogix is a secure, closed appliance. The underlying Linux OS does not have root access, which eliminates threat vectors possible with an open console server. Beyond the separation from the OS, the Uplogix platform is FIPS 140-2 Level Two Certified — not just a component of the solution like a FIPS-certified Open SSL library. Our solid state hard drives are available with AES-256 disk encryption, and only the SSH port is open by default.
All configuration and features for managing devices are governed by powerful and granular authorization controls with every activity and change logged and archived to the NOC. With features that automate device monitoring, maintenance and recovery, scripting isn’t necessary, avoiding another threat vector.

An automated configuration safety net

“60% of network downtime is caused by human error during device configuration” according to the research firm EMA. There are just too many devices to manage and too many changes to make to those devices on a regular basis in enterprise environments to rely on manual, error-prone, one-at-a-time processes.
Uplogix can automate common configuration management tasks, reducing downtime by eliminating common errors introduced by the manual execution of tasks like OS upgrades, password updates, and all-important device configuration changes. Make groups of like-devices and schedule batch upgrades rather than updating one box at a time.
If a configuration change fails or an admin is cut off mid-change from a device, Uplogix can immediately roll the device back to the last known good configuration using the unique SurgicalRollback™ feature, minimizing downtime in a way not possible with in-band-only software solutions. This process restores the device to working order without affecting other device operations. Uplogix locally stores multiple configurations for each device under management to enable this powerful feature.
See how Data Technology Solutions uses Uplogix to provision and re-provision maritime satellite kits rapidly, remotely and reliably.

Vertical Markets


With deployments from the battlefield to the branch office, Uplogix serves both DoD and Civilian Fed.


Deployed in the depths of Wall Street data centers to branch offices and inside ATMs.


At sea, on the battlefield or deployed for network redundancy, satellite networks with Uplogix out-of-band connect all corners of the world.


Secure remote access and automation for SCADA and hybrid networks that can make any grid smarter.


Hit SLAs, differentiate your services and increase profits with Uplogix.


When network performance could literally impact life or death, Uplogix is a prescription for better uptime while lowering support costs and locking down security vulnerabilities.


Increasing reliability and security of store network infrastructure with remote management.


Across campus or system-wide, Uplogix standardizes network management while reducing support visits.
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