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    Apps enable the business to capture opportunities and customers, but attackers can disrupt strategic outcomes for financial gain. F5 can help.

Why Application Security Matters

Attackers target applications by exploiting vulnerabilities, abusing logic in order to gain access to sensitive data, and inflicting large-scale fraud that causes serious business disruption. Security must protect strategic business outcomes.
How F5 Application Security Solutions Can Help

Protect apps and APIs across architectures, clouds, and third-party integrations to reduce risk and speed digital transformation. Increase application development velocity to improve time to market and reduce friction. Protect critical assets with the highest real-world security efficacy.

Explore F5 Solutions

  •  Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate Bots and Abuse
  • Manage and Secure APIs
  •      Integrate Security into CI/CD Pipelines
  • Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities

    Defend against software and code-level vulnerabilities
    Protecting your apps against existing and emerging OWASP Top 10 threats requires a defense-in-depth app protection strategy. F5 provides protection against code-level vulnerabilities, like injection or XSS attacks, as well as software vulnerabilities found in components of nearly all software stacks.
  • Mitigate Bots and Abuse

    Remove unwanted automation that can lead to account takeover and fraud
    Just as enterprises continue to adopt automation to gain process efficiencies, attackers have embraced automation – bots – leading to abuse, account takeovers, fraud, and damaged brands. F5 offers protection that adapts to attacker tactics, without friction, to ensure successful business outcomes.
  • Manage and Secure APIs

    Solve for your modern API challenges
    It can be challenging to protect exposed APIs as keeping inventory of all APIs can be a daunting task and most API gateways lack adequate security controls. F5 offers a flexible solution that protects your APIs with the same robust security as your web and mobile apps.
  • Integrate Security into CI/CD Pipelines

    Capture the market and competitive advantage of modern application development
    Application protection and intelligent traffic routing can be automatically provisioned through the same tools and processes driving your CI/CD pipeline. This way, your DevOps teams can leverage existing development and deployment pipelines, without slowing innovation or increasing company risk.

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