Rubrik & vRealize Automation

Automate custom lifecycle management workflows for backup, recovery, test/dev, and compliance through your vRealize Automation service catalogue. Instantly recover files or entire VMs. Resume business within minutes of a Ransomware attack with self-service recovery.


Deliver IT-As-A-Service

Easily manage long-term retention to meet the most complex enterprise compliance and regulatory requirements. Automatically index all your data, no matter where it resides. Save time and costs with automated policies versus offloading data to tape.
Self-Service Instant Recovery

One click to instantly restore files or entire VMs to any point-in-time. Resume operations in minutes of an attack with self-service file-level recovery.

Prevent Data Loss

Eliminate lengthy wait times at the help desk. Get back to business faster with self-service access and restores.

Align with Business SLAs

Automate compliance policies in just a few clicks to adhere to strict business requirements. Easily customize end-to-end workflows with Rubrik's REST API to comply with your business policies.


Eliminate Wait Times. Recover Instantly from Ransomware

No data loss. No downtime. No ransom.


How Rubrik & vRealize Automation Work Together

Automated Data Protection
Automate VM provisioning at scale with one SLA policy engine. No additional steps or help desk tickets required.
Self-Service File Recovery
Instantly recover files or entire VMs within vRealize Automation. Designate granular permissions to authorized users only for self-service restores.
Accelerate application test and development by mounting VMs directly on Rubrik. Instantly provision clones without rehydration in production.
Automate compliance in minutes with a single SLA policy engine. Create backups on-demand at the desired point-in-time to meet strict business requirements.


API-Driven Development

Easily integrate our simple, extensible APIs that are battle-tested for scale and built for high availability. Rubrik offers an API-first architecture— even its HTML5 interface consumes RESTful API endpoints. Customize workflows to meet your business policies.

Query, configure, and control any operation available in the UI through the Rubrik REST API.


Generate code in your language of choice (PowerShell, Python, etc) using our pre-built modules. Zero REST API knowledge needed.


From design (RESTful) to documentation (professional-grade). Easy to learn, integrate, and test.


Versioned, non-breaking, battle-tested APIs lets you upgrade without any surprises. We test, not you.


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