Simplified Data Protection for All Your Apps

Simplify data protection and management of all your operating systems with policy-driven intelligence and consumer-grade ease-of-use. Automate compliance in a single platform built for infinite scale. Save on operating costs with a self-managing architecture. Significantly reduce RTOs with instant access, on-prem or in the cloud.


Manage All Your Apps on One Platform

Leverage the same consumer-grade interface across your physical and virtual environments. Click to assign backup, recovery, and archival schedules via a single policy engine. Access data instantly for recovery, test/dev, or analytics. Deliver self-service recoveries to designated users via role-based access control.
Instant Access

Discover your data instantly, everywhere. Locate a single file with predictive search.

Policy-Driven Intelligence

One policy engine to automate compliance with just a few clicks. On-prem to cloud.


Eliminate costly manual configurations with automatic updates across all your apps.


Bare Metal Recovery for Windows Servers

In the event of a disaster, quickly restore entire Windows servers in-place with the operating system and critical data intact. Migrate Windows servers to any hypervisor or cloud. Rubrik leverages native Microsoft tools for consistent, incremental-forever backups to drive fast performance and recovery times.


Unlock Operational Savings with a Self-Managing Architecture

Eliminate manual, costly management of individual agents. Rubrik Backup Service automatically updates all connectors on physical databases, servers, and hosts directly through Rubrik’s REST API. Our APIs are natively integrated in a self-managing architecture that detects system changes to automate new deployments and updates in minutes. No third party services required.


How Rubrik + Physical Databases,, Servers, and Hosts Work Together

  • 1
    Easily search, select, and add hosts for backup through Rubrik’s APIs.
  • 2
    Rubrik Backup Service automatically updates all connectors on physical databases, servers, and hosts.
  • 3
    Rubrik delivers an incremental-forever approach to generate capacity and network savings.
  • 4
    Automate SLA policy compliance with just a few clicks. Manage all your operating systems via a single policy engine.
  • 5
    Instantly search for files with suggested results as you type, regardless of location.
  • 6
    Assign granular permissions to designated users to enable secure, self-service restores across hybrid cloud environments.
  • 7
    Mobilize your operating systems to the cloud for long-term retention while retaining instant access. Protect and manage applications born in the cloud.


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