Modern Data Protection for Leading Databases

Databases are vital to an organization’s management of data. However, high data growth, database sprawl, cloud, distributed systems, and shrinking backup windows have made protecting these vital resources a challenge. Rubrik simplifies the protection of industry leading databases. Deliver the simplicity, operational efficiency, cloud mobility, and security needed to confidently protect your organizations most vital resource


Rubrik Simplifies Database Protection

Orchestrate mission-critical data across on-premises and cloud while unifying backup, recovery, archival, replication, search, analytics, compliance, and management of self-service clones into a single converged software platform.
Native Integrations

Eliminate painful scripting and job scheduling. Leverage native connectors and simply specify the files and directories to be protected.

Single Pane of Glass

Reduce management complexity. Manage your physical, virtual, and cloud workloads from a single UI driven interface.

Enterprise Scale

Scale without forklift upgrades. Leverage Rubrik’s scale-out architecture to meet your data growth needs.

Cloud Mobility

Accelerate your journey to the cloud. Mobilize data to the cloud for long-term retention, disaster recovery, or test/dev.

Data Protection

Instantly recover from breaches. Protect your backup data against ransomware with native immutability.


A Closer Look: Rubrik for Database

Rubrik delivers broad support for industry leading databases.
Microsoft SQL Server

Fully automate your SQL Server backups or quickly provision a clone from any point-in-time.


Restore entire databases with near-zero RTOs or recover down to a single tablespace.


Integrate Rubrik seamlessly into your existing workflows and preferred tools, including SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio.

Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise

Eliminate complex backup tools and reduce operational, media server, and storage costs in the cloud or on-premises.


Stream backups with no quiescing of MongoDB for always-on applications. Protect sharded and unsharded clusters. Reduce recovery times.

Other Databases

Protect any database or utilize your existing database-native backup utility or scripts with Rubrik Elastic App Service while benefiting from Rubrik automated data life-cycle management and immutability.


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