Centralized Management for Your Global, Distributed Rubrik Environment

Full Visibility and Control. Built on a Unified System of Record.


All Your Physical, Virtual and Cloud Apps and Data Tracking

Manage on One Interface

Simplify operations with a single easy-to-use interface across your global environment.

Analyze On-Demand

Interact, customize, and share advanced data visualizations in real-time.

Resolve Threats Faster

Spend less time firefighting. Quickly identify, isolate, and prioritize incidents.

Navigate Your Global Environment

One interface for global visibility and control. Track all your physical, virtual, and cloud apps and data instantly.


No Ordinary Analytics

Re-inventing how hybrid cloud enterprises interact with their data.
Self-Service Customization

Every API endpoint is documented and is paired with sample code.

Dynamic Filtering

Test code and how the data that’s returned is formatted.

Automated Visualization Engine

Learn how to quickly install, authenticate, and use an integration.

Enhanced User Experience

Learn how to quickly install, authenticate, and use an integration.

Workload Behavior Analysis

Track capacity utilization, data growth, and usage by application, location, or use case with runway projections over a defined time period.

Performance Optimization

Detect usage in the cloud, resource consumption, and workload performance to reduce costs and plan for growth. Monitor investment at the application level.

Compliance Visibility

Determine SLA compliant applications at-a-glance across all Rubrik sites. Easily search and filter to quickly produce records demonstrating SLA compliance.

Resolve Incidents Faster with 24/7 Monitoring

Eliminate siloed information. Quickly identify, isolate, and prioritize incidents with a unified view of your global Rubrik activities. Find point-in-time activities with easy-to-use filters and real-time search.

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