Shape Enterprise Defense is a fully managed security-as-a-service offering designed to detect and deflect attacks on web and mobile applications, preventing a large swath of online fraud.

Credential stuffing is a cat-and-and mouse game. Companies deploy security mitigations, hackers develop tools to bypass these countermeasures, and a vicious cycle emerges.

Today’s attackers use automation and sophisticated tools to emulate human behavior and circumvent security controls. Additionally, widely used mitigations, including CAPTCHA and multi-factor authentication (MFA), can frustrate real users and lead to revenue abandonment.

Over the last few years, F5 security researchers have identified credential stuffing as one of the foremost threats to organizations. We’ve dedicated significant time and effort to understand how cybercriminals adapt and retool to overcome security defenses.

Shape defends the Global  2000

bank icon 8 of the top 12 U.S. banks
hotel icon 2 of the top 5 Global hotel chains
retailer icon 2 of the top 10 Global reatilers
credit card icon 5 of the top 10 Credit card issuers
airlines icon 5 of the top 10 Global airlines
insurers icon 2 of the top 5 Insurers
  1. Imitation attacks result in online fraud costing large enterprises, on average, more than $25M/year.
  2. Common attacks are account takeover (ATO) (aka credential stuffing), fake account creation, credit application fraud, aggregator/scraper misuse, gift card cracking, or manin-the-browser (MitB) malware.
  3. Traditional security measures (e.g. device ID, WAFs, IPS) are typically signature-based and can’t defend against sophisticated, retooling attackers.


Shape Enterprise Defense

Shape Enterprise Defense can be deployed inline on-premises, in the cloud, or consumed via an API.



Bots, Bots, Bots!

Bot-generated internet traffic has long surpassed human traffic.1 Part of the reason for this is that regular people are increasingly find utility in the good bots, which engage customers through real-time chat and digital interactions, index and search the internet, find us the best travel deals, and fetch relevant content to display in F5 favorite web hangouts. As Siri, Alexa, and Google make bots available as personal assistants ready to respond to our commands, bots have become an essential tool for both businesses and consumers alike.

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