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Silver Peak is the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, serving more than 3,000 customers around the world.

Businesses with a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution lower costs, gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport.

Unlike other vendors, we offer you a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage.

Silver Peak Puts All the SD WAN Pieces Together

  • Flexibility. Silver Peak customers can rapidly and non-disruptively augment or replace their MPLS networks with any form of broadband connectivity.
  • Visibility & Control. Silver Peak customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility into both legacy and cloud applications, and gain the unique ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all WAN traffic.
  • Performance. With Silver Peak, end-user satisfaction is significantly improved due to consistent and dramatically enhanced application performance.
  • Savings. Silver Peak can dramatically lower connectivity, equipment and network administration costs by up to 90% by enabling customers to leverage lower-cost Internet bandwidth. ​

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect High-Performance SD-WAN Solution

EdgeConnect provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of transport technologies without compromising network or application performance.
  • Visibility:
    See, control and segment applications and data across the WAN
  • Security:
    Secure and segment applications with encrypted virtual overlays
  • Performance:
    Predictable application performance and QoS across the WAN
  • Extensible:
    Service chain and route services across the WAN
  • Cost Savings:
    Lower capex and opex costs by up to 90%

Silver Peak Products

Enterprise product solutions

SD WAN/HYBRID WAN - Unity Edge Connect

Simply and intelligently combines any combination of connectivity, including broadband and MPLS, to connect users to applications and deliver an unmatched experience edge-to-edge.

Unity Orchestrator

Unprecedented Visibility and Control for SD-WAN Deployments
Unity Orchestrator is included with Unity EdgeConnect, and provides customers with unprecedented levels of visibility into both data center and cloud applications, and the unique ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all WAN traffic. Key features of Unity

WAN Optimisation - Unity Boost

Unity Boost is an optional performance pack for Unity EdgeConnect deployments. When branch offices are deployed as part of an SD-WAN or hybrid WAN, customers may require higher performance for specific applications, for example, accelerating replication data over distance for disaster recovery. With a click of a button, customers can subscribe to Unity Boost and add application performance as needed. Many organisations have adopted SaaS applications which has introduced challenges such as an increased latency to the SaaS data centers. By simply adding a license key to Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect this enables the solution to accelerate SaaS business critical applications and increase business productivity.

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