Fabric Connectors

Deep Multi-Vendor Integration for Automated Security and Simplified Management
Fortinet Fabric Connectors deliver turnkey, open, and deep integration into partner technologies and platforms in multi-vendor ecosystems, enabling security automation and simplified management. By integrating with customers’ multi-vendor ecosystems, Fortinet Fabric Connectors synchronize security with dynamic operational changes, automate security tasks, support DevOps processes and time-to-market needs, while ensuring coverage of the entire attack surface from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the cloud. Developed by Fortinet, the connectors leverage the open Security Fabric architecture and interfaces to make it possible to activate integration with complex solutions with as little as a single click.

Fabric Connector Automation

Fortinet next-generation firewalls are powered by, Security Processing Units (SPUs), AI-driven FortiGuard Labs and delivers industry-leading threat protection, unmatched performance that helps reduces, cost complexity, and risks.

Ease of Deployment

Fortinet Fabric Connectors can often be installed and configured within a matter of minutes to provide turnkey connectivity between the Fortinet Security Fabric and a customer’s existing vendor infrastructure. They are easily deployed without requiring hardware or software modifications to the existing infrastructure.

Automate Security

Fortinet Fabric Connectors enable security to be automated and synchronized at all times with dynamic operational changes, promoting DevOps acceleration and time to market, simplified security management, and efficient resource utilization.

Fabric Connectors for Partner Technology Platforms

The open, extensible architecture of Fortinet Fabric Connectors enables support for a growing list of connector types to automate the different security and operational aspects of the customer’s ecosystem.

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