Network Operations

Reduce the complexity of operations with orchestration, automation & response
As organizations embrace digital transformation, they unintentionally create complex, vulnerable network environments that are difficult to secure. Organizations need a security strategy that prioritizes automation-driven network operations that help prevent network breaches. Fortinet’s Network Operations Solution provides an integrated security architecture with automation-driven network operations capabilities that can eliminate breaches and unify siloed environments.

Centralized Management and Visibility

Organizations gain a unified, single pane of glass for centralized management and visibility. It simplifies complex management consoles and enables true automation-driven management

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Reduce cost and complexity by leveraging automation scripts and APIs to enable provisioning in minutes. Provisioning templates can also be stored in a central repository for future use to discover changes.

Configuration Management

Centrally configure all devices ensure revisions are backed up. Track changes and automate changes based on triggers within the Security Fabric.

Best Practices Compliance

Compliance management is often a tedious manual and inefficient process. It is difficult to manage and involves multiple full-time staff and can take months get right.

Risk Scoring and Ranking

Continuous risk assessment for best practices helps comply with NIST and CIS. Improve your risk posture and easily apply recommended changes.

Change Control Reporting

Leverage customizable reports that track who suggested and made changes to policies and configurations and why. More importantly get reports on PCI DSS, NIST, CIS and many others.

Automation and Orchestration

With automation and orchestration, organizations can automate routine tasks and trigger alerts. Security teams can effectively reduce the time from threat detection to response.

Workflow Optimization

Policy change workflow controls to reduce risk. Reduce the time to detect and respond to threats or operational anomalies.

Enterprise Integrations

Enable easy remediations for operations risks with easy partner integrations.

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