• Overview


    Manage and monitor all your customers’ backups and replicated VMs through Altaro’s Cloud Management Console.

    Pay per VM

    Pay based on usage per VM, per month at the most accessible price in the industry. (You decide how much to charge!)

    No contracts

    Minimum monthly payment of only 10 VMs per month, with no binding contracts; scale up to 1,000s of VMs.

    Provide offsite storage

    Back up & replicate your customers’ VMs to their servers, the cloud or your own servers and bill for storage used.

    Alpha & Omega Computer Consultants, Inc.

    "Being able to manage all of our clients from one console has been huge for us. In the MSP world, time is everything and being able to see it all from one place is one of the best features of this product."
    Michael Edde, President and CEO


    "Altaro's monthly pay-per-use program is really important for us… It’s key that we can scale up and down rapidly for clients… It’s beneficial for us not to be tied in to any long-term contracts."
    Simon Dix, Technical Director

    Benefits of the Altaro VM Backup for MSPs subscription program

    Watch Altaro VM Backup for MSPs at work

    Through the Altaro VM Backup for MSPs subscription program, you can roll out the latest and most feature-rich editions of Altaro VM Backup across all your customers through a monthly subscription with no upfront fees.

    You can manage and monitor them all centrally through our ground-breaking Cloud Management Console (CMC), making it easy and hassle-free for you to provide and bill for VM backup services. If you also provide data storage on your servers, you can additionally manage, monitor and bill for each customer's storage per month.

    You additionally benefit from outstanding 24/7 support as part of the package.

    As Altaro provides a solution suitable for both Hyper-V and VMware environments and at the most accessible price in the industry, our backup solution is an obvious choice for managed service providers.

    • VM backup and recovery - Back up your customer’s Hyper-V and VMware VMs using one of the best solutions in the industry

    • Central multi-tenant management - Manage and monitor all your customers’ Altaro VM Backup installations through a single online management console

    • Data storage - If you also offer your customers data storage on your servers, you can centrally manage, monitor and bill for storage consumption per user

    • Access to all features - Access the most current and feature-rich version of Altaro VM Backup Unlimited Plus Edition to use across all your customers, at no extra fee

    • No upfront costs

    • Pay based on usage, per VM, per month - Pay only for what you use, with no upfront fees

    • Recurring revenue - Charge your customers a monthly recurring fee for VMs backed up, your services and (optionally) storage used

    • Backup as a Service (BaaS) - Provide your customers with reliable VM backup and recovery services, charging a monthly fee for managing their backups on their or your servers

    • Secure login - Altaro’s multi-tenant cloud-based platform, the Cloud Management Console (CMC), supports two factor authentication (2FA)

    • 256-bit AES encryption - All Altaro offsite backup copies automatically benefit from 256-bit AES encryption through the secure passphrase you configure upon initial setup. You can optionally allow your customers to set their own passphrase for added security. Encryption is optional for local backups.

    • RMM integration - Use the Altaro VM Backup ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech) Plugin to automatically raise Alerts and Tickets in your ConnectWise Automate Control Center

    • 'Best support in the IT industry': 24/7 - 22-second average call pick up, live chat, speak directly with an expert, no tier 1 agents or gatekeepers

    • Join the community - Join more than 2,000+ Altaro MSPs

  • Features

    Multi-tenant Cloud Management Console (CMC)

    Altaro’s ground-breaking CMC is a web-based management tool for Altaro VM Backup. It is built to allow MSPs to centrally manage, monitor and bill for all their customers’ virtual machine (VM) backups from a single, multi-tenant cloud console, making life easy and hassle-free. MSPs can back up a customer’s VMs to the customer’s servers or their own.

    Multi-tenant: Set up, manage and monitor all your customers through a single online console.

    Manage your backups/restores: Start backups and restore VMs from the CMC, configure backup locations, offsite locations and encryption keys.

    Access portal from anywhere: There is no need for a VPN or to be on-site. You don't need additional software, simply use a web browser.

    Set up backup settings templates: Set custom templates with schedules, retention policies and advanced settings, and assign them to VMs across different hosts or customers in one click.

    Reports and alerts: Get daily email reports summarising backup / OC / verification operation status / issues; as well as monthly usage and storage reports per customer.

    Push upgrades, backup configurations and license keys to multiple Altaro VM Backup installations quickly.

    Manage customer billing: Monitor all your customers’ backup usage through the CMC and get a detailed view of the number of VMs backed up per customer per month for your own billing; and if you also provide data storage on your own servers, you can additionally manage, monitor and bill for each customer’s storage consumption per month.

    Grant CMC access to your customers – You can grant your customers access to the Altaro Could Management Console, enabling them to manage and monitor their own VM backups without accessing other customers’ information.

    Central management of multiple offsite servers: MSPs can optionally host one or more offsite servers at their data centre or on a public cloud and point their customer’s Altaro VM Backup installations to back up to it, to take an offsite copy of customer VMs. This way, MSPs can provide 3-2-1 protection with one copy stored offsite. MSPs can link multiple offsite servers to Altaro’s management console and choose which customers’ VMs should back up to them. All configuration and management is handled centrally.

    Support for 2FA: Enable two factor authentication (2FA) via the CMC for an additional layer of security.

    Altaro VM Backup

    Altaro VM Backup is a reliable backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines. Used by more than 50,000 business customers worldwide, Altaro VM Backup is straightforward to use, while its powerful features make it a reliable solution for every MSP to keep their customers' data safe with minimal effort.
    Get a powerful backup solution packed with robust tools and great performance at unbeatable value. Through the Altaro MSP program, you will gain access to all the solution’s backup and restore features, including augmented inline deduplication, instant boot, offsite backups, fast compression rates and more.
    • Augmented inline deduplication (64% average storage savings)
    • WAN-Optimized Replication
    • Continuous data protection (CDP)
    • Offsite backup
    • Cloud backup to Azure
    • Back up to other public clouds
    • Boot from backup
    • vCenter & CSV support
    • Fast compression algorithms
    • File & Exchange item-level restore
    • Flexible scheduling & queue
    • Flexible backup destinations
    • In-product live chat with support team

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